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Five tips for creating simple beauty

Beauty is all around us. And often it’s found in the most simplest of things. Take for instance, Brian Eno’s Thinking Music Part IV. An 57:56 minute track of simple, single harmonious notes that play at a seemingly random pattern and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the stress of the world around [...]

A question for vegetarians – Fool Month of Purging

So with the Fool Month of Purging, I’ve been adapting my menu to purge meat from my diet. But as many of you may know — a diet is only as effective as the support you get from those around you. My Life has been supportive so far, making sure I was able to bring [...]

Fool Month of Purging Q&A 1

It’s day 4 of my Fool Month of Purging and things are going well. Somehow I managed to pass up grilled burgers on Saturday and grilled steaks on Sunday. I opted for a veggie burger from MorningStar (brought my own) on Saturday and grilled two portobello mushrooms in place of Sunday’s steaks. Sure the alternatives [...]

Fool Month of Purging 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again… April. And to carry on with last year’s theme of a Fool Month of Purging, I’ve decided to do it again. Only this time, I’ll be purging something completely different. Watch the video or read more below. Rather than purging more “material things” from our house (which we’ll [...]

Preparing for spring

It’s been a busy weekend around our place. What started out as a planned “relaxing, long weekend” (I had Friday off for “spring break”) ended up being a bit more taxing than relaxing on my joints and muscles. We woke up Saturday morning and after feeding our boys, we discussed putting some extra funds to [...]

You’re blessed when…

(matthew 5:5) As part of Lent, Thomas is giving up “consumption.” He’s hoping to appreciate the things he has in a greater way and desire other things far less. He shared this graphic and idea on Saturday as part of the readings for Lent that we’re both doing. It sums up a lot of what [...]

A tip of the hat

Several family members and friends are doing some very cool things as of late and I wanted to be sure I took the time to brag on them properly. They’re definitely not letting anything hold them back… First up… My sister Kara has been creating a number of hair clips, pins and accessories. She’s doing [...]