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Entertaining on the cheap

game night: tim and kara

Kara and Tim during game night | Photo by Jonathan Blundell

Early last week, My Life and I had decided upon hot dogs for our Friday evening dinner.

(Yes, sometimes you get a craving for cheap, grilled, processed meat.)

But as the week progressed, we decided we’d rather enjoy the evening with friends, rather than by ourselves.

So we invited several folks over and made it a community affair.

We provided the hot dogs, beans, brownies and soda. Another couple provided chips and ice cream and another couple provide the hot dog buns.

We grilled the dogs and then enjoyed them in our “formal dining room” passing the bags of chips around the table.

game night: brian & stephanie

Brian and Stephanie during game night | Photo by Jonathan Blundell

Afterwards we enjoyed several games together before the evening came to an end.

We joked throughout the night that we “go all out” for our friends and family.

But even with our cheap meal — no one seemed to mind.

Each couple spent less than $5-10 and we all ate like kings and queens.

And we left feeling full of great conversation, laughter, companionship and food.

The key to enjoy the moment and remember that no matter what you serve, those you enjoy your meal with are far more important than what you enjoy for your meal.

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June 14th, 2010


2 to “Entertaining on the cheap”

  1. Love that quote in bold – so sums up everything I think about mealtime (although I do enjoy good food, too!).

    Hospitality is such a lost art in our culture – when people do come over, it’s often too formal to have any fun.

    Good post!

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