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Jonathan D. Blundell —  October 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Charity Water Ethiopia

Roughly 18 months ago, the readers of We Live Simply gave generously to help build a clean water well through charity:water.

And now, the project has come to fruition!

We just received an update from charity:water and the money was used in combination with 37 other similar projects to fund a clean water well at a school in Ethiopia, bringing clean water to an estimated 698 people for years to come.

A few more details about the project:

charity: water projects at schools like this one use clean water as a catalyst to improve the overall health of kids and the surrounding community. That means this school project includes not just a water source, but also latrines, hygiene training and a handwashing station.

Students here used to walk up to two hours to collect water for school. The water was not safe to drink and often made them sick. Thanks to your help, the students now have access to water right at their school! And most importantly, the water is also safe enough to drink.

charity: water school projects usually cost more than the average water project because they include not only a clean water source, but hygiene promotion and toilets for students, too. These students did not have a clean, private place to use the bathroom, which is essential for preventing diseases and keeping kids in school. Your money has provided students here with improved sanitation (toilets), which can reduce diarrheal deaths by as much as 32%. You’ve also helped build handwashing stations here so students can practice safe hygiene every day.

Girls in developing countries miss up to a week of class each month, or even drop out of school, when they hit puberty because they don’t have a private place to use the bathroom or wash during their school day. charity: water invests in separate latrines for girls and boys to ensure privacy and maintain dignity for students. Want a real example? See how toilets at school helped change 11-year-old Khadija’s life in rural Bangladesh here.

Note: We wanted to show you that this community is serious about keeping their project safe, clean and functioning for years to come. They built a fence and a door on their own initiative, to prevent animals from contaminating the area and to show ownership of their new water source.

You can see exactly where the well was built on Google maps.

For additional photos, check out the report from charity:water.

And thank you so much to all who contributed!

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