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Simple Manifesto #32 – Make your house minimalist


This is part of our series on The Simple Living Manifesto. We invite you to join us on the journey.

The 32nd idea in the manifesto is:

Make your house minimalist. A minimalist house has what is necessary, and not much else. It’s also extremely peaceful (not to mention easy to clean). More here.

minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom | Photo by jingdianjiaju2

I’ve never maintained much of a minimalist living space but we’re slowly heading in that direction.

I think the idea is hitting home more as I begin taking inventory of all the things I have and as we start thinking about moving in only a few weeks (did I mention we finally have a contract on our house?).

How much can we get rid of before the move?

Less stuff = less packing = less work in the move.

How does this sound….

  • Less stressful
  • More appealing
  • Easier to clean

Leo has some great tips on getting you there.

But from someone who’s not there yet — I can tell you how to avoid the minimalist home…

  • Start random collections of mugs, sports figurines, trophies and other collectibles that you display all around your house.
  • Take in any used furniture friends or family offer you.
  • See how much furniture you can cram into each room of your house — on the off-chance you might need extra seating in the room.
  • Start a collection of tools and toys to fill your garage.
  • Cover your walls with movie posters and cheap artwork you buy at the local big-mart.
  • Cover your fridge with notes, pictures and random magnets from your last family vacation.
  • Show off your empty wine bottles on top of your kitchen cabinets.
  • Keep all your old magazines and stack them on your coffee table or on the back of your toilet.
  • Take advantage of all your kitchen and bathroom counter tops to show off all your goodies.
  • Don’t forget the corners in your rooms — they’re great for stacking things you can’t store elsewhere.
  • Let dirty dishes stack up — there’s no reason to wash them in a rush.
  • Let your dirty clothes pile up — if you still have an empty corner in your room, you can hide a lot with them.
  • Stop making your bed every morning — after all your just going to sleep in it again in another 16 hours or so.
  • Assume you need a photo or wall hanging on every single wall in your home.
  • Filling each niche and shelf in your home with various nick-knacks.
  • Holding on to every piece of mail that comes in — thinking you’ll need it in the future.

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these things. I’ve done them all at one point or another.

But what feelings come to mind when you read the list?

Do you imagine a less stressful environment? An appealing environment? An easy home to clean?

Two contrasting homes. Two sets of Jones’.

Which one will you be?

Join us!

Write a blog post about the point above and then share the link in the comments below…

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Posted: April 14th, 2010 by Jonathan D. Blundell
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