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Simple Manifesto #59 – Fill your day with simple pleasures


This is part of our series on Leo Babauta’s Simple Living Manifesto. We invite you to join us on the journey.

The 59th idea in the manifesto is:

Fill your day with simple pleasures. Make a list of your favorite simple pleasures, and sprinkle them throughout your day. List here.

Anniversary - Dallas Arboretum - Butterfly

Butterfly at the Dallas Arboretum | Photo by Jonathan Blundell

We have an amazing tendency to quickly forget how amazing our lives really are.

There are so many little things that make life worth living that we often forget to stop and enjoy them.

And sometimes when life is getting tough, work is getting your down or your just in a funk, it really helps to stop, savor the moment and sprinkle some of your simple pleasures in your life.

It may mean taking some extra time in the morning to enjoy your coffee, or perhaps sitting on the porch in the evening and talking with a neighbor.

Everyone’s list will be different, but here are 81 of my simple (sometimes guilty) pleasures.

  1. Fresh cup of coffee.
  2. A hot shower.
  3. A fresh, clean towel.
  4. A new haircut.
  5. A scalp massage.
  6. A back massage.
  7. Playing catch with a friend or a group of kids.
  8. A leisurely bike ride.
  9. A walk through my neighborhood.
  10. A snow cone.
  11. Waking up next to My Life.
  12. Chocolate covered strawberries.
  13. A lazy rainy day afternoon.
  14. Getting caught up in a great book.
  15. Sleeping late.
  16. My favorite song playing on the radio.
  17. Listening to Mike Pesca tell a sports story.
  18. Watching fish.
  19. Realizing you’ve snapped a great photograph.
  20. Holding hands with My Life.
  21. Kissing my Life.
  22. Hearing her tell me she loves me first.
  23. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  24. The smell of fresh cut grass.
  25. The fragrance after the rain.
  26. A cold beer with friends.
  27. A glass of (Johnny Walker) scotch on the rocks.
  28. Coming home to a clean house.
  29. Breakfast tacos.
  30. Game night.
  31. Watching kids play in a sprinkler.
  32. Joining the kids as they play in the sprinkler.
  33. Mud football.
  34. Paying for someone else’s laundry.
  35. Paying for someone else’s meal.
  36. A chocolate milkshake.
  37. Seeing a large task completed.
  38. Tang.
  39. A tall glass of ice cold water.
  40. Enjoying a great movie with a large bowl of popcorn.
  41. Taking a day off from work.
  42. Sliding down a giant slide.
  43. Enjoying the swings at the park.
  44. Jumping photos.
  45. Pretending I’m still cool enough to get jiggy with it.
  46. Paying off a bill.
  47. Seeing our savings account grow.
  48. Realizing we stuck to our budget at the end of the month.
  49. Making a new friend.
  50. Being a shoulder for a love one to cry on.
  51. Watching a waterfall.
  52. Camping.
  53. Taking a long hike on a cool day.
  54. Soaking in a hot tub.
  55. Splashing My Life in the swimming pool.
  56. Swimming after dark.
  57. Watching My Life go about her day.
  58. Reading her thoughts on her blog, Twitter or Facebook.
  59. Seeing pictures of our baby boys.
  60. Imagining how much fun they’re going to be.
  61. Realizing how soon they’ll be here!
  62. Laughing with friends till we can’t breathe.
  63. Telling stories about how great we were in high school.
  64. Driving through the neighborhood I grew up in.
  65. Sushi.
  66. Chinese food.
  67. Mexican food.
  68. Eating just enough that you’re full but don’t feel sick later on.
  69. Doodling with pencil and paper.
  70. Finding inspiration while doodling.
  71. Jazz at sunset.
  72. Touring an outdoor garden.
  73. Taking a nap outdoors in the shade.
  74. Watching the night sky for shooting stars.
  75. Hearing someone say ‘Thank You.’
  76. Watching elderly couples in love.
  77. People watching.
  78. Holding out on that new purchase until it’s 50% off.
  79. Drinking from the waterhose.
  80. Making snow angels.
  81. Building sand castles.

Of course this is my list. What’s on your list? What simple pleasures can you sprinkle throughout your day?

Join us!

Write a blog post about the point above and then share the link in the comments below…

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4 to “Simple Manifesto #59 – Fill your day with simple pleasures”

  1. I have to admit that I was just scanning this list… the first one to catch my eye:

    45. Pretending I’m still cool enough to get jiggy with it.

    Thanks for the morning laugh.

    ~ Luke

  2. cowpunkmom says:

    If you REALLY want to enjoy number 27, switch from Johnny Walker to Dalwhinnie. There aren’t enough “o’s” in smooth to describe the experience.

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