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The Simple Manifesto #22 – Eat slowly


This is part of our series on The Simple Living Manifesto. We invite you to join us on the journey.

The 22nd idea in the manifesto is:

Eat slowly. If you cram your food down your throat, you are not only missing out on the great taste of the food, you are not eating healthy. Slow down to lose weight, improve digestion, and enjoy life more. Read more.


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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a growing slow food movement — which, like the simple living movement, has it’s own slow eating manifesto.

Len Babauta writes that the movement began in Italy two decades ago to combat the growing fast food movement.

I have a confession: I’m HORRIBLE when it comes to eating slowly.

In fact I’ve been dreading this post because of that.

There seems to be something totally ingrained in me that goes against the idea of slow eating. It’s not that I don’t love food, or enjoy cooking great food. I would always prefer a great meal at home over a fast food option.

I just like getting the food from my plate and into my belly as fast as possible.

I can’t begin to count how many eating bets I won while growing up.

These days my wife is always urging me to slow down while eating.

Chew more

Men’s Health recommends reciting the alphabet while eating to help slow your eating habits.

Participants who chewed nuts 40 times, rather than 25 times reported greater satiety.

I’ve tried this and tend to only make it to the letter “T” per each bite.

If I’m really staying focused, I’ll continue reciting the alphabet to myself before I take another bite.

Sometimes I’ll chew my food and then recite the entire alphabet between swallowing and taking my next bite.

But it’s not consistent. I just haven’t bought into the idea fully.

Building community around the table

However — the greatest slow down for me is enjoying meals with others and enjoying great conversation around a dinner table.

When I can take the time to enjoy and take part in the conversation (probably similar to the French tradition of dining) I notice a huge reduction in my eating time and not only do I enjoy the food more — I enjoy getting to know others as well.

So what do you suggest? How can I get over my speedy eating habits? (and hurry – cause its about lunch time! :-) )

Join us!

Write a blog post about the point above and then share the link in the comments below…

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2 to “The Simple Manifesto #22 – Eat slowly”

  1. Stacy says:

    I find that putting my fork (or spoon) down between each bite is a good way to slow down while eating. Or if I’m eating something with my hands, like a sandwich, I put the food down in between bites.

  2. Stacy – that’s probably a good idea. I’m notorious for never putting my sandwich down. I think I’m afraid it’ll fall apart if I set it down!
    And we can’t have that!!! :-)
    I’ll give the spoon/fork idea a try tonight at dinner.

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