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Things I Like

Note: most of these are affiliate links. I’ve avoided typical advertising on this site to only endorse products that I use and love. If you happen to purchase any of these items, you’ll support my writing here and elsewhere. Thanks!


I’m a huge fan of WordPress for both blogging and using as a CMS. While I’m partial to self-hosted WordPress sites, I’ve also used the free sites as well. If you have questions about using either option, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

Self-hosted WordPress
Free blogs with

Web hosting

I’ve been using a friend’s web hosting for the past 7 or 8 years, but he’s cutting back on his online duties and so after a disappointing trial with I’ve moved all my sites to Hostgator now. Their uptime has been great, their admin/control panel is super easy to use, their customer support has been great (even with WordPress related issues) and their prices start at just $4.95 a month! I honestly can’t think of a single thing I haven’t liked about moving my sites to their servers. Plus — their servers are 100% green! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Sign up for Hostgator.

And… if you’ll use the discount code GREEN when you sign up through the link above, you’ll save 20% on your initial order with Hostgator!

WordPress Premium Themes

While I’ve built most of my sites off of the default themes that come with WordPress, I’m also a fan of the Standard Theme from John Saddington and his team at You may notice that I’m using one of John’s other themes right out of the box at

Purchase and download Standard Theme


E-books (instant download)

31 days to build a better blog – by Darren Rowse

simplify – by Joshua Becker

Inside Out Simplicity – by Joshua Becker

Simply Car Free – by Tammy Strobel

The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life – by Leo Babauta

Buck Naked Marriage – Corey Allan


St. Peter’s Brewery (of course I’m gonna recommend my own novel! ;-) )

Addition by Adoption – by Kevin Hendricks

Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller

Divine Commodity – by Skye Jethani

Everyday Justice – by Julie Clawson

Everything Must Change – by Brian McLaren

Generous Orthodoxy – by Brian McLaren

Irresistible Revolution – by Shane Claiborne

Jesus for President – by Shane Claiborne

The Least of These – by Kevin Hendricks

A New Kind of Christian – by Brian McLaren

A New Kind of Christianity – by Brian McLaren

Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade–and How We Can Fight It – by David Batstone

Pagan Christianity – by Frank Viola

Peculiar People – by Rodney Clapp

Searching for God Knows What – by Donald Miller

Sex God – by Rob Bell

Stories from the Edge: A Theology of Grief – by Greg Garrett

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us – by Seth Godin

Velvet Elvis – by Rob Bell


I love using to recycle and re-purpose my used electronics. Sell your iPhone! They’ll buy your old phones, GPS, Mp3 players, etc. etc. and send you packaging so you can ship it to them for free. It’s a win win for everyone!

Fair Trade Coffee

Johnny Walker Scotch

Tito’s Vodka

You can also support my writing anytime you shop at by clicking here first.

Fight E-waste!

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