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What’s inspired you most on your journey towards a simple life?

The greater the struggle – the greater the triumph

A couple inspirational videos featuring Nick Vujicic for you to chew on this weekend :: I first found out about Nick when I watched The Butterfly Circus (see below) a year or so ago. Both videos remind me that no matter how absolutely crappy life gets… We can always make beauty from ashes and The [...]

Music for finding focus and inspiration

We posed this question on Twitter this morn: Do you listen to ambient/white noise or a particular style of music at the office to stay focused? What works best for you? And we received a variety of answers: whatever works. Thom Yorke and Andrew Bird pretty much always work, but I mix it up a [...]

Free wallpaper and calendar for February

Since reading The Simple Guide to Minimalist Living I’ve gone from a too-often cluttered desktop with folders, icons and such, to the uber-minimalist desktop with nothing but the Recycle Bin on it (anyone know how to get rid of that?). It’s been great! Using Launchy and adding My Documents to the quick launch bar, I [...]