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We Live Simply Manifesto

We Live Simply Manifesto

We Live Simply Manifesto

As 2010 comes to an end, I’ve put together a brief manifesto, simply entitled We Live Simply Manifesto aka A Guide for the Rest of Us, to challenge and encourage all of us to Live Simply and bless others in the process.

For regular readers of this site, you’ll know that I’ve never pretended to be an expert when it comes to Living Simply or minimalism.

I’m just a guy who lives in “suburbia” with his wife, two twin boys and an SUV — who’s trying his best to get over his certainty.

So, with that in mind, what you won’t find in this manifesto is how you should sell all your stuff and live off 100 things or less. There are plenty of other guides out there for that.

But what you will find are 25 things that that you can do to start Living Simply — today.

These are things that I’ve been working into my life over the past year and will continue to practice in my life for years to come.


This manifesto is entirely FREE. I won’t even require you to give up your e-mail address for an annoying e-mail newsletter to download it. Simply click the link below and start reading it today.

Click here to open or download the PDF report.

*Note: You’ll need Adobe Reader or a similar PDF reader on your computer, phone or mobile device to view the file.


This manifesto is Uncopyrighted. Its author, Jonathan Blundell, has released all claims on copyright and has put all the content of this manifesto into the public domain.

No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the content of this manifesto. Credit is appreciated but not required.

Help share the message

This manifesto is entirely FREE to anyone and everyone. I’ve even released the copyright on it because I believe in the message.

If you’d like to help spread the message, feel free to e-mail a copy of the PDF to your friends, family members, co-workers and any others in your sphere of influence (just please don’t spam them).

Or, you can share a link to this page with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon or your favorite social site. Simply link to:

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